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Grandfather Mole Profile

Grandfather Mole with the nest on his head

The Berry Battle (sometimes called the Great Berry Battle) took place between the hummingbirds and the chipmunks. It took place over several days, the flying berries eventually went on to inconvenice everyone, especially the fairies.

Lyria, a storytelling-talent tells the story of the battle during the Camp Pixie Dust event. The story however is quite different.

The Battle[]

The battle started, when a hummingbird nest had been taken and a chipmunk had stopped near where the nest had been. The hummingbirds had already disliked the chipmunks, because they had thought that the chipmunks were just hoarding food. They stationed themselves at a blackberry bush from which the nest had been stolen, they then began to catapult berries at the chipmunks. The battle went on for several days. The mice eventually sided with the chipmunks, and the moles, sparrows, chickadees, and cardinals sided with the hummingbirds. The battle went on until Nan, a chipmunk, and Twitter, a hummingbird, had been attacked by hawk. Everyone teamed together to save them, they then found out that it had been Grandfather Mole who had mistakeningly taken the nest to wear as a hat. Everyone laughed at how foolish they had all acted.