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Beck and the Great Berry Battle is the second chapter book published by Random House. It was published alongside The Trouble with Tink, Vidia and the Fairy Crown, and Lily's Pesky Plant.




Beck has a talent for talking to animals, but that may not be enough when she tries to mediate a war between the hummingbirds and the chipmunks. When her hummingbird friend, Twitter, tells her that war has broken out, she thinks that he is exaggerating, as he is always alarmed about something. But soon the berries start flying, and fairies are getting caught in the crossfire. It is up to Beck to get to the bottom of things. Only she can bring peace back to Pixie Hollow.

It turns out that the struggle is over some animals that have stolen a hummingbird nest, causing a war between the birds and the chipmunks. Other animals take sides as they get hit by the crossfire, but Beck is able to convince a friendly hummingbird to befriend a young chipmunk.

The arrival of a hawk ends the conflict, as it threatens Beck and both of her friends. Ultimately, a huge struggle breaks out, as animals from both sides try to help out the creatures. Beck escapes, and the chipmunk is spared by the near-sacrifice of a bird, which risks its life by pretending to be injured, thus drawing the hawk's eye away.

The animals, thus realizing the lengths they'd go to do defend themselves, stop fighting and put an end to the war. And then the "stolen nest" turns up- a blind mole has been wearing it as a hat this whole time!


  • This is the first chapter book with Beck as protagonist.