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Baking-talent is a sub-talent of the kitchen-talent fairies, though Baking-talents are experts in baking.

They work in the kitchen and help to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making all kinds of sweet treats, such as Silly Sweets, cakes, cookies and any othet kind of pastry. When ready, their food is then served in the Tearoom.

The leader varies in the media, from Dulcie (in books) to Gelata (in the animated specials).

The Baking-talents are known to make a very regal cake to celebrate Queen Clarion's Arrival Day, every year.[1] By the events of Pixie Hollow Bake Off, the Queen was celebrating her 400th birthday since she arrived.

Physical Appearance[]

Dulcie and a paper

Most fairies with this talent have brown hair and eye color.

Their outfits mostly consist of a shirt with short sleeves and trousers, in colors of white, beige and brown, with an apron and their hair tied or held by a chef's hat or handkerchief.

Known Baking-talent fairies[]