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Tinker Bell, is it? Baden. Scout Sparrowman. I’m here to protect and serve. Hawks, wasps, snakes — I keep a sharp eye out for them. Please report any suspicious or unsafe activity to me.
— Baden[src]

Baden is a scouting-talent sparrowman who only appears in the Disney Fairies Games. He is usually found at Pine Tree Grove off of Harvest Promenade, but can also be found in Winter Woods and Fall Forest. Baden is not reachable when there is a hawk blocking part of Pixie Hollow, because it is his job to drive the hawk away.


"Baden is a scout sparrowman - tasked with the safety and protection of all fairies. He is always on the lookout for hawks, wasps, snakes, and any other creature that is beyond the Animal Fairies' control. He is all business and a stickler for the rules...though he can be persuaded to laugh on occasion."

Game data[]

Likes: Black Feather

Dislikes: Red Feather

When Baden takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility he may give a Black Tree Peony.



  • Morning, Miss Bell.
  • And how is Pixie Hollow’s best tinker this morning, hm?
  • It is most pleasant to see my favorite tinker again today!
  • All fairies in Pixie Hollow are accounted for today…
  • I cited three fairies for speeding today. It was a good day.
  • Always nice to see my favorite tinker before the end of the day!
  • Miss Bell, you gave me a scare! I searched every corner of Pixie Hollow! I’m happy you’re safe.

Seasonal Greetings[]

  • Greetings, Miss Bell. Smell that? Spring preparations are getting under way. The Minister of Spring can give you the details. He’s over at Springtime Square.
  • It’s time, Miss Bell… for your next mission: Operation Autumn! The Minister of Autumn can give you the details. He’s over at Harvest Promenade.


  • The day is still young.
  • Keep a sharp eye out at night.
  • Keep one eye on the sky, Miss Bell, and beware of hawks. We scout fairies are always on the lookout for them.
  • I ensure the safety of all fairies — here, and on the Mainland.
  • Hawks always seem to stay away from the Pixie Dust Tree. Maybe its magic frightens them…
  • Hawks can be very dangerous. They don’t listen to the animal fairies.
  • A hawk attack can leave many things strewn around. They make quite a mess.
  • If you hear the fairy alert sound, take cover immediately. It means a hawk is near!
  • I don’t know why some fairies think black is somber. Black things cheer me up!
  • Spring means shenanigans. Be safe.
  • Summer means tomfoolery. Be careful.
  • Autumn means mischief. But I’m on alert…
  • Winter means monkey business. No monkeying around.
  • I happened upon a beautiful black feather once. I haven’t found any more, though! (Like hint)
  • Red Feathers always put me on edge. They remind me of danger! (Dislike hint)


  • I… you… this… my favorite… speechless… thank you, Tinker Bell!
  • I’ll accept it just this once, Miss Bell — but you should know I am completely freaked out by these.

Water Balloon Message[]

  • Fantastic workmanship, and you adhere to all the safety standards, too.
  • I can see why all the fairies want one! It’s amazing.