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Bad Day to be a Pirate

Fairy Tale Theater

Bad Day to be a Pirate was a play on Pixie Hollow Online performed at Fairy Tale Theater. It was released on August 31, 2010 until October 18, 2010 and re-released on April 13, 2011 to June 6, 2011. It features the fairies Windy and Foxmoon, and the infamous pirates Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Costumes for all the characters were available at Cassie's Costume Shop for both fairies and sparrowman.


(Both Fairies Are Hiding)
WINDY: "Here come the pirates!"
(Hook & Smee Enter)
FOXMOON: "And they have our special map!"
SMEE: "You're sure this map will lead us to the Fairies, Cap'n?"
HOOK: "As sure as my hook is sharp, Mister Smee."
HOOK: "And this time, we'll catch one!"
SMEE: "Cap'n, the map says to pull this vine."
HOOK: "Well, don't just stand there! Pull it!"
(Use Vine Prop)
SMEE: "Right away, Cap'n -- BLUURB!"
HOOK: "Fool, we're soaked with water!"
(Still Hiding)
WINDY: "Hee hee!"
(Still Hiding)
FOXMOON: "Shhh!"
HOOK: "Press on, Mister Smee!"
SMEE: "Here, Cap'n! The map says to push this thorny plant!"
HOOK: "... YOU do it."
SMEE: "Aye-aye, Cap'n!"
(Use Plant Prop)
WINDY: "Ha ha!"
FOXMOON: "Hee hee!"
HOOK: "Scuttle me bones, something's fishy here ..."
SMEE: "What do you mean, Cap'n?"
HOOK: "Never mind. The map says there should be a rock with an X on it."
SMEE: "You know what they say -- X marks the spot!"
(Still Hiding)
FOXMOON: "Ooooooooo!"
HOOK: "Shhh! W-what was that?"
SMEE: "Sounded like -- ghosts!"
FOXMOON: "This place be cursed! Ye are doomed!"
(Pirates Stand On Trap Door)
HOOK: "Press the X on this rock, Smee! Hurry!"
(Use Rock Prop)
SMEE: "Aye-aye, Cap'n!"
(Pops Out From Behind Rock)
(Pirates Fall Down Trap Door)
WINDY: "The pirates will never find Pixie Hollow!"
FOXMOON: "That was great! Let's draw another map!"