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Ava is a Harvest-talent fairy who specializes in making sugar. She is known for being a little cross.

Physical appearance[]

She wears her hair back in a braid and wears a blue leaf dress.


In Welcome to Pixie Hollow is said that: "Ava may have the best talent in all of Never Land or at least the sweetest. Ava harvests sugar. You might expect Ava to be as sweet as the sugar she collects, but she isn't! This petite fairy is known for being a little cross, and she isn't very sociable. Her loyal friends think Ava's tart personality is a perfect contrast to all the sweetness in Pixie Hollow."

Ava first appeared in Dulcie's Taste of Magic when Dulcie got her wing pinned down by a barrel of sugar. It was Ava who helped to free her by moving the barrel.