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The Autumn Forest shimmers with shades of orange, red and amber and the leaves are always turning but never dying. Fairies work on perfecting the shades of autumn here, for the trip to the mainland.


Harvest Promenade is also located within the red leafy forest, where the very traditional Autumn Revelry ceremony is held. Leaf and fast-flyer-talent fairies are said to inhabit Autumn Forest [ Reference Needed. ]whereas Animal-talents such as Fawn or Beck for sure lives there.

The Border is partially located at the end of the Autumn Forest, whereas the other half stands at Winter Woods' beginning. Scout HQ lies probably somewhere within the autumnal forest[ Reference Needed. ]or possibly at the Orchard, it's location in the hollow remains a mystery, but it's for sure located at the western side, where Autumn season rules perpetually under the Minister of Autumn's supreme authority (only Queen Clarion herself is the highest order at his domain).

Places of interest[]

Fawn's house

Fawn's Home


Autumn Forest

The Autumn Forest in Pixie Hollow Online

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