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Autumn is the season when the planet starts to wind down from being so hot in the summer, and the plants start to lose their leaves and hibernate. It typically lasts from September to November.

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Autumn season


Autumn, also known as fall, is the season where less direct sunlight is received to the hemispheres of the planet. It begins on September 23, during the Autumnal Equinox, and ends on December 21, where the Winter Solstice begins, as does winter. During this time, the leaves fall off of trees and animals begin to hibernate.

Like every other season, autumn has a Minister who keeps an eye on the preparations and leads the changing of the seasons.

Autumn Months[]

  • September
  • October
  • November

In the franchise[]

Garden fairies ensures human beings' crops to flourish by magically making pumpkins harvestable and growing entire corn fields with flicks of their own Pixie Dust. Fast-flyer fairies blow leaves down and Animal fairies make sure fuzzy animals can rest appropriately after a meal of sweet forest berries. Leaf fairies paint leaves with usual autumnal colors, like orange or rich shades of amber. Tinker-Talent fairies also does work in Pixie Hollow to ensure appropriate machines for nature-talents to help put nature in its annual slumber that preceeeds Winter and Winter fairies with Snowy Owls can travel to the Mainland with their wings safe. The Autumn Forest is perpetually in autumn season.