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This article is about the bird character. You might be searching for Augustus the Never Fairy.

Augustus is a yellow bird seen in Tinker Bell's Adventure.


In Tinker Bell's Adventure:

Part 7, its egg was found by Fawn that took care of it. When the egg hatched the bird flew away, and as soon as it was found, as it was the end of the summer, Fawn named the baby bird as Augustus. Fawn presented Augustus to Idalia, Minister of Autumn, then to Rosetta, but he made a mess with her roses, then Fawn took the bird to Springtime Square to the Minister of Spring. As Augustus was hungry, Fawn went to Lookout Towers to get seeds, but when she got back Augustus had already flown to Toadstool Hatches. Augustus told her he was playing hide and seek with her, which got her mad at him, but they soon made up. In the end, the Minister of Autumn asked Fawn and Augustus help taking fruits and flowers to Mainland, enlisting Augustus as part of the team.

Part 11, Augustus appeared in Beach Cove saying he has been searching for Fawn all over the place. Fawn that was out of pixie dust to fly, played saying he came just in time to rescue the damsel in distress (herself).