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This article is about a Never Fairy. You might be searching for Augustus (bird).

Augustus is a shopkeeper who runs the Item Shop at the Pixie Dust Tree alongside Mariana. You can exchange fairy medals for things on his display or exchange your things for fairy medals. He changes most of his shop daily. He also runs the dart wheel that gives you items.


"Kind and gentle Augustus runs a shop in Pixie Hollow. He always keeps it stocked with the finest items, and has a knack for knowing what his customers like best. He always offers a fair deal."

Game data[]

Likes: Shells and Feathers

Dislikes: Blue Dewdrop



  • And how is my favorite customer this morning?
  • Ah, it is quite a treat indeed to see you again this afternoon, Miss Bell!
  • Miss Bell! I’m thrilled you decided to stop by again.
  • Tinker Bell! How is my favorite customer this evening?
  • Oh, Miss Bell! Thank goodness — I thought you might be gone forever!


  • My shop is filled with things I’ve found around Pixie Hollow.
  • Everyone likes collecting rare and beautiful Fairy Medals!
  • I help fairies find everything they need, to look their best!
  • It was a busy day in the shop!
  • My selection of items changes every day, so make sure you don’t miss out on things you like!
  • My store sure has been busy this afternoon…
  • Spring is here! Time for a sale, perhaps…
  • Summer is here! Nice time to shop…
  • Fairy wings are beautiful and translucent… but I like the cute, fuzzy feathers of birds just as much! (Like hint)
  • You can find many beautiful seashells across Pixie Hollow! I’ve been working on a collection myself. (Like hint)
  • I’m not very fond of Blue Dewdrops. They make me sad… (Dislike hint)


  • Goodness, Miss Bell! I love these — how did you know? Thank you!
  • Oh, um — not quite my favorite thing, but thank you, I suppose.

Water Balloon Message[]

  • Your workmanship is truly amazing, Tink.