Bess drawing a portrait of Tink

Art-talent fairies are easily inspired to create works of art, like portraits, statues, or just simply sketches. Colors also mean a lot to art fairies — they believe each color has a strong meaning and personality that will affect their work.

Just like fairies from other talents, they give importance to beauty. But the art-talents are the ones who take beauty more seriously than others. This talent has contributed a lot to the beauty and flair of Pixie Hollow, in the glass charms hanging all around the Home Tree, the dazzling chandelier of many colors in the Lobby and the paintings in the Corridor of Talents.


Known Art Talents


  • This talent is mentioned in the Pixie Hollow Games when Clank and Bobble are announcing teams and is therefore canon in the movies.
  • This talent could be represented by a paint brush as seen in Tinker Bell's Arrival Day, on the first movie, however, never being confirmed.
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