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Animal Friends are animals that pixies keep on Pixie Hollow as pets. These pets typically compliment their talent, but not always.

Fast-Flying fairies tend to have speedy birds as pets, meanwhile Light-Talents adore fireflies. Water-talents tend to get along very well with fish.[1]

If a fairy is allergic to animals, they might have a spider as a companion instead. They make surprisingly good pets, as they are very cuddly, and can be just as affectionate as any other animal. [1]

Most Animal Friends are simply kept around as companions. However, some Animal Friends (such as Cheese and Blaze, who are Tinker Bell's) also help out around the Hollow as working animals.

In Pixie Hollow Online

Players were able to buy as pets in Pixie Hollow Online. If purchased, the player would have to raise their Animal Friend to adulthood in order for them to be sent off to the Mainland. Upon their release, Animal Friends were exclusive to members[2]. However, later on, they became available to all players, regardless of membership status.

Obtaining an Animal Friend

All baby animal friends are purchased from Beck inside of Beck's Animal Nursery.

The animals available for sale were as follows:

Once purchased, players could give Animal Friends a name. This process was similar to how players would name their fairies in Create-a-Fairy, except there were only two columns to scroll through instead of three.

If you bought an animal friend, you would receive a badge the first time you bought one from a new species.

Caring for an Animal Friend

Firefly animal friend

A player viewing their brand new Animal Friend. Hovering over a bubble will reveal exactly how fulfilled an animal's need is.

Taking care of an Animal Friend means paying attention to three things:

  1. Their Hunger
  2. Their Health
  3. Their Mood

You can check on these things by clicking on them and seeing what color the bubble above each status was.

Green means that they are completely fulfilled.

Yellow means that they could use some care

Red means that they desperately need some care.

If an Animal Friend is left on Red for too long, they will eventually run away due to neglect.

Runaway Hummingbird

The notification a player receives when a neglected Animal Friend runs away.

Caring for Hunger

Animal Friends will let you know if they're hungry, as a Cupcake emote will appear over their head. The way to care for an Animal Friend's hunger is simple- feed them! Each species of Animal Friend has a unique "Favorite Food", which was a specific type of ingredient they liked to be fed.

Feeding an Animal Friend rewarded the player with both Hunger Points and Age Points, with Age Points causing the Animal Friend to grow..

Caring for Health

Animal Friends will let you know that they're sick when an Ice Pack emote will appear over their head. There were only two ways to treat them:

  1. Purchase a Healing Potion for 5 Pixie Diamonds
  2. Visit Elixa for a Quest

If a player selects Option 2, they will fly on over to Elixa's Hospital in Neverberry Thicket and begin a quest that would result in a healed pet.

There were 9 different diseases per species* that a pet could obtain. Whichever disease your Animal Friend had, Elixa would send them on the corresponding quest.

*Butterflies cannot get sick, and thus are exempt from this statement

Healing a pet rewarded the player with both Health Points and Age Points, with Age Points causing the Animal Friend to grow.

Caring for Mood

An Animal Friend will not grow if it is not in a good mood. Animal Friends will let you know that they're bored when an unhappy emote appears over their head. The only way to cure a bored animal? Play with it!

Each species, except for butterflies, had their own unique game they liked to play:

  • Fireflies like to play the "Firefly Lighting Game"
  • Ladybugs like to play Hide n' Seek
  • Hummingbirds like to practice flying by bouncing
  • Dragonflies like to race
  • Bees like to play "Bee's Eye" Darts

Playing games rewarded the player with both Mood Points and Age Points, with Age Points causing Animal Friend to grow.

Animal Friend Life Stages

Every animal friend (except for a butterfly) is purchased as a hatchling. From there, pixies must raise their Animal Friends from childhood into adulthood.

The 10 life stages of an Animal Friend are:

  1. Hatchling
  2. Baby
  3. Tot
  4. Youngling
  5. Youngster
  6. Kiddie
  7. Kid
  8. Teen
  9. Grownup
  10. Full Grown

Once an Animal Friend is all grown up, a fairy will either keep them around as a pet, or release them into the Mainland. In Pixie Hollow Online, they can be released by speaking with Elixa in Elixa's Animal Hospital.

Animal Friend Released by Elixa

Elixa's warning to the player

However, once a full-grown Animal Friend is released onto the Mainland, they will never come back.


  • Silvermist's animal friend is a goldfish[1]
  • Twitter is Beck's animal friend[3]
  • Butterflies were the final species of Animal Friend to be released. They differed from the standard Animal Friend in many ways:
    • Upon purchase, their age was "Full Grown" rather than "Hatchling"
    • They were also the only species that were always at full health. Thus, they're the only species does not have Elixa quests (seeing as she would never need to heal one)
    • They also did not have an Animal Friend game, as they never got bored.
      • This made them the ideal pet for players who wanted an Animal Friend but didn't want the "Caring" aspect of the purchase.
  • Both fairies involved in the ownership & care of Animal Friends (Beck, who sells them to you, and Elixa, who treats them when they're sick) never appear in the Disney Fairies movies. Rather, they are both exclusive to the book series.
    • This makes them the only book-exclusive fairies to appear in Pixie Hollow Online
    • This also makes Elixa the only "Famous Fairy" who does not appear in the movies.