Fawn Soothes Cheese
fairies have the unique ability to speak with any animal in its native tongue, whether it be raccoon, bird, tree frog, or squirrel.

Although in the books Mother Dove is dear to all who live in Pixie Hollow, the ones who know and understand her best are the animal-talents. They are extremely sensitive and can "read" an animal's thoughts or emotions. They know when an animal is frightened or sick and can tend to its needs to help it feel better. Like the animals they work with, animal-talent fairies have a keen sense of smell and excellent hearing. They are skilled trackers and are frequently called upon to help find fairies who have lost their way in the woods. All animal talent fairies are deeply integrated into Never Land's fauna and strive to keep it harmonious. When Tinker Bell arrived in Pixie Hollow and destroyed the preparations for spring in Tinker Bell, she created a gadget called the Flower Sprayer, which can paint ladybugs, flowers and other things much faster. Since then, many of the Animal-talent fairies use this to change the seasons faster.


Known Animal-talent fairies


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