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Adventures of Tinker Bell (1958) is a Magazine with comics released in 1958 by Dell Publishing, being Tinker Bell first magazine.[1][2]


Characters: Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Smee, Lost Boys, Pinocchio, Geppetto,The Evil Queen, and the Seven Dwarfs: Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy.

Animals: Dumbo, Jiminy Cricket, Crocodile, Monstro.


Included the stories:

  • The Wishing Well - explanation of who Tinker Bell is
  • The Pirate Plot - short comic with Peter Pan's characters
  • The Grounded Witch - short comic with Snow White's characters
  • Dumbo's Dilemma - short comic with Dumbo's characters
  • [Bath Problem] - short comic with Tinker Bell

And the activity page:

  • Tinker Bell and Her Pixie Duster -


Tinker Bell and Her Pixie Duster[]

Adventures of tinker bell 1958 - back cover

Tinker Bell Pixie Duster illustration that readers can cut out and play with. The instructions follow:

"Watch Tiner Bell fly, followed by a trail of pixie dust. Cut out Tink on her magic cloud and the pixie duster. Fold the duster into a flat come shape and paste behind Tink's legs, the small opening at her feet. Take a piece of string and tie one end through the star above Tink's head and the other end to a slender stick. Now, put a tea-spoon of flour in the pixie duster (out-doors, of course) and run with Tinker Bell flying high, or circling around you!"


50 anniversary pin based on tinker bell's 1958 issue
  • Some of this magazine stories were reprinted in other magazines.
  • A pin was made based on this issue for Tinker Bell's 50 anniversary.


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