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A Pile of Acorns in Fawn's Hideout

Fawn's acorns, kept safely in her hideout

Lots of critters love acorns. Do you?

Acorns are seeds that can be found throughout Pixie Hollow. They are an important item with several uses throughout Never Fairy culture.

These seeds are either found on the ground or freshly plucked from an oak tree. The latter is only done by the Tree-Picking Talents, as they are much too difficult to be harvested by a standard Harvest Talent.

In Pixie Hollow Online, it is a collectable ingredient that can be found growing throughout several Winter and Autumn meadows. Specifically, it can be found in:

Despite being present in several different seasons, fairies generally consider this seed an "Autumn" ingredient. This is because not only is there an entire meadow full of them in Autumn Forest, but they receive badges for collecting acorns in Autumn as well.

Golden Acorns

Golden Acorn in Acorn Summit

A golden acorn, found on a branch in Acorn Summit

Golden Acorns are a variant of acorn exclusive to Pixie Hollow Online. They are similar to a standard acorn, except they are extremely rare, and are made out of Never Gold.

They were grown and hidden throughout Autumn Forest by the Minister of Autumn. There were only 12 golden acorns total. If a fairy met the Minister of Autumn during this time, he would gift them a Golden Maple Tree. This is most likely the tree that the Minister took the acorns from.

Players with a membership could obtain a necklace that had a golden acorn on it, so long as they picked it up in the Ballroom during the Autumn Equinox of 2012.


Acorn Chips

Acorn Chips from Pixie Hollow Online

Several fairy foods incorporate acorns, such as:

When not being used as the star of the dish, acorn cups are used as a tool for measuring other ingredients, or for storing jelly[5]


Acorns are also be used as a part of fairy fashions. Typically, they're used as accessories.

Sewing-Talent fairies have used acorns when making belts, hats, and jewelry[6]. According to Gavin, "fallen acorns make the best fall buckles".[7]

Both Bess[8]and Terence wear an acorn cupule- the top of an acorn- as a hat. Similarly, pixies may give their firefly animal friends an acorn cupule to wear as a hat, too. [9]

The Kiss Necklace is made out of a silver-plated acorn.


Tinkers working with Acorns

Tinker-talents working with acorns in Tinker's Nook

Acorns are commonly used by tinkers for their creations. This is highlighted throughout Tinker Bell (film), where Tinker Bell, Bobble, and Clank are given an abundance of acorns to work with by Fairy Mary.

One of Tink's first (failed) inventions is an acorn cracker. Tinker Bell later uses acorn cupules in one of her inventions that helps paint ladybugs faster.

Tinker-talents have often used acorns to craft hourglasses, wagon wheels, teapots, and other décor used in fairy homes. According to Tink, they use the tops of acorns to cover their supply bins as well.

Sports and other Fairy Games

Acorns are also used throughout fairy culture in games.

According to Tinker Bell, they are used in a game called "Acorn Ball", where speed is key. [10]