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A Snowy Surprise is a storybook released on January 1, 2010. It is the third book in the Disney Fairies Storybook Library series.


Vidia, who loves making fun of the other fairies, rudely makes a water fairy cry one day. When Tink responds saying "Vidia, someday you'll learn to appreciate another talent." Vidia, assuming that of course it would never snow in Pixie Hollow for it is always spring or summer, retorts saying that it will snow in Pixie Hollow before she shows appreciation for another talent. Later that day Lily the garden fairy noticed a sudden chill, followed by something strange falling from the sky, and realized it was snowing in Pixie Hollow. The fairies were delighted and made warm clothing so they could have snowball fights, ice skate and build snow fairies all day long. It is revealed that Rani and the other water-talents united to create snow for the fairies of Pixie Hollow. Tink reminded Vidia that now it had snowed in Pixie Hollow she must be nicer to the other fairies, although Vidia refused to admit it. When Tink saw how much fun Vidia was having racing the other fairies in leaf sleds, she thought that maybe Vidia already secretly appreciated the other fairies.





  • This book was also released under the title "Vidia's Snowy Surprise."