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A Poem for Tink is a hardcover book with pop-up elements inside.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Terence.


Terence likes everything about Tinker Bell. In fact, he likes her so much that one day he writes a poem about her. Too bad Terence is too shy to give it to Tink. But, in magical Never Land you never know where a poem might end up! Readers will love tracking the whereabouts of the poem as they enjoy the special extras on each spread such as a pull-out fairy letter, hologramatic foil, scents, and 3-D elements.
— back cover


The book starts with Terence having strong enough feelings for Tink that he once wrote a poem for her, though he had not given it to her yet. One morning, when leaning towards his pixie dust jerrycan, the poem envelope fell out of his pocket without him noticing, pixie dust from the jerrycan landing on the envelope, and the envelope beginning to fly around.

The envelope flies past a fight between Peter Pan and Captain Hook onboard The Jolly Roger, then past various animals, and the Mermaid Lagoon, eventually landing in Lily's garden.

Lily was unable to catch the letter after a flower vine wrapped around her, with the envelope making its way to the Home Tree, where Dulcie baked a pie with Prilla looking on, as the envelope landed in a nearby saucepan. Dulcie remarks that the pan was in bad shape and needed to be fixed, asking Terence to hand it to Tink.

At Tink's workshop, she lifted the lid and the envelope flew out. She opens it, reads the poem, and likes it very much. Tink wishes to know who the author was, with Terence blushing too much to admit it was him.