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A Fairy's Fire is the first stand-alone chapter book of the Never Girls series.


Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby are excited to find a new fairy in Never Land—the very first fire talent fairy ever! Tinker Bell, Silvermist, and all their friends are eager to welcome Necia. However, her powers are initially frightening to the other fairies, especially Silvermist, and are often put out immediately. A few more accidental fires cause further trouble, resulting in Necia being put under the watch of Silvermist by Queen Clarion.

When strange fires begin igniting all over Pixie Hollow, everyone wonders if the new fairy’s talent is too dangerous. Or maybe the mysterious blazes have something to do with the dragon tracks Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby discovered?

Silvermist and Necia initially fail to get along, and Necia is eventually banned from using her powers after great destruction is caused. Necia is an outcast; her only friend is Kate, who understands her innocence. Finally, however, a new dragon appears, stealing much of Kyto's horde and fighting the old dragon. Only Necia proves able to face the new dragon, finally chasing her off. This causes the other fairies to realize the power of Necia's gift, and to apologize for misjudging her.

The book features very little of the human girls other than Kate, a small backstory featuring new neighbors that infuriate Kate (who misses the elderly couple that previously lived in the house) in an ironic contrast to her welcoming of the new fairy that the others dislike, and a rare appearance in the Never Girls franchise by Vidia, who drops her usual insincere terms of endearment and instead directly insults and derides Necia (for threatening the pixie dust that allows Vidia her beloved speed).