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A Delicious Drawing is a quest you can receive from Kit. Like all of Kit's other quests it is performed on the Mainland. It was released on March 26, 2009 and has one step.

Quest Guide[]

Kit: "Do you like cake? You must like cake. I mean, who doesn’t like cake?"
"Now I’m not a baking-talent Fairy, but I’ll admit it -- I love cake! And I love drawing pictures of cake! Come to think of it, I love to draw pictures of all kinds of tasty food!"
"Oh! That’s it! That’s what you should do!"
"After you leave Pixie Hollow today, draw a picture of the most beautiful cake in the world! Go wild with it! Put on candles or sprinkles! Or write a message in icing on it! Or make it shaped like a daisy! How about it?"

Step 1[]

Kit: "Delicious! Draw your cake just how you like it!"

Draw a picture of a beautiful cake.

Story So Far Kit wants you to draw a picture of a beautiful cake.

Once you log out of Pixie Hollow, draw a picture of a beautiful cake.

After 24-hours, log back in and visit Kit again. She will ask you if you have completed the task:

Kit: "Did you draw a picture of a cake?"

Select: Yum! Here it is!

Kit: "Moon and stars, your drawing looks good enough to eat! Where’s a fork?!"
"What a beautiful cake! I bet someday you’ll bake a real cake that’s just as amazing!"


You'll receive a point toward your Kit Mainland Quests Badges.