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2011 Silly Days Play

Fairy Tale Theater

2011 Silly Days was a play held in honor of April Fools and during the 2011 Silly Days event on Pixie Hollow Online and performed at Fairy Tale Theater. It was released on March 29, 2011 until April 12, 2011 alongside Pixie Hollow Comedy Night. Various disguises were sold at Cassie's Costume Shop.


Scene 1
QUESTION: "Why did the tree not want to play checkers?"
ANSWER: "Because he was a chess nut!"
QUESTION: "Why did Silvermist cross the sea?"
ANSWER: "To get to the other tide!"
QUESTION: "What did the ocean do to the shore?"
ANSWER: "He waved!"
QUESTION: "Where do old bits of metal go?"
ANSWER: "The Pixie Rust Tree!"
QUESTION: "Which chair is a favorite among frogs?"
ANSWER: "A toad stool!"
QUESTION: "Where in Pixie Hollow do bad ideas end up?"
ANSWER: "The Never Mind!"
QUESTION: "What do you call a wise old tree?"
ANSWER: "A knoll it all!"
QUESTION: "Why did Rosetta's cookies taste funny?"
ANSWER: "Because she used flower in her recipe! "
QUESTION: "What happened after Dulcie misplaced her cookies?"
ANSWER: "Cheese had a tummy ache."